Leading From the Front!
Leading From the Front!

Episode · 11 months ago

C. Lee Smith – Build Credibility then Build Trust in Sales & Leadership


In this podcast, we discuss the many parallels between sales and leadership; both require a high level of credibility and trust.In high school, C. Lee Smith was a radio broadcaster and newspaper journalist. He quickly realized there was no money in it. He sold some advertisements and discovered he loved selling. Lee became a sales manager at a very young age and learned through experience this position required a completely different set of skills. The focus shifted to getting to know every little detail about the salespeople he led. This was when he learned to coach even before he knew he was coaching. Today he helps organization hire and train great salespeople and sales leaders that build a productive culture to support the organization’s goals. His recent book is SalesCred – How Buyers Qualify Seller - it is the authoritative book on sales credibility. LinkedIn Profile - linkedin.com/in/cleesmithWebsite - salesfuel.com Email - leesmith@salesfuel.com

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